Autographed Preorders Now Available!

Due to extremely popular request, we have opened up preorders for A Queen is Knighted earlier than planned! A Queen is Knighted will be available for preorder through Amazon closer to April, but you can preorder an autographed paperback copy from us directly NOW!

Ordering through our website, will also put you on our list for receiving the Preorder Goodies that we will mail and automatically enter you in our Preorder Giveaway (more details to come)! We have character art cards planned, bookmarks, and more!

We do want to mention that because these books will have to make a stop by our house to get signed and stuffed with goodies (!!), you may receive your copy sometime after the initial release date (May 8, 2021) depending on the number of orders that come in.

If you simply MUST receive your copy ON OR CLOSE TO May 8, 2021, we recommend that you wait and preorder your copy through Amazon (will not be autographed) rather than our website!

*IS open to International Shipping. Please be aware that Covid-19 has impacted the ability to mail to certain countries. If we encounter any problems before shipping that cannot be resolved, we will issue you a full refund. Any problems after the book has been shipped and we will refund you the price of your order minus shipping.

Thank you so much for your OVERWHELMING support! We can hardly wait for May!

~Rayleigh & Joshua Setser

Published by Rayleigh Gray Setser

Rayleigh is a small town, Texas girl who has only a slight addiction to books *wink*. She has spent the last 8 years reviewing books of all genres and 2 years ago was awarded the Vine Voice badge on Amazon, which verifies her as a Top Amazon Reviewer–her goal is to rank in the Top 1000 Reviewers on Amazon within the next 2 years! Inside the world of literature, Rayleigh is the Associate Editor for PURSUE Magazine. She has judged writing contests for publishers, interned for Hartline Literary Agency, and has given social media marketing classes for authors. She has written 3 books over the course of her teens, and is in the process of polishing them and deciding which will be her debut release. Outside of her writing career, Rayleigh married her high school sweetheart –a U.S. Marine–in 2019. She’s a Junior in college with a major in Accounting and works as an accountant for 2 commercial construction companies in Texas.

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