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Snow White collides with Divergent in this dystopian fairytale.

The Coterie was once a godsend; a group of high-esteemed intellectuals who looked out for the people of Dyvercity. Until Estrella. Aided by a government-banned AI, Estrella’s power is unchecked and the divisions of Dyvercity suffer in the grasp of her power-hungry hands.

Wynter is an orphan destined to live the rest of her life with her fellow orphaned “brothers” in Division 1812: The Apple Pickers. She and her band of brothers are different from the common folk, though. They all failed the Prosperity Test, which stamped their fate in the poor divisions, but Wynter and the boys feel like their intelligence is above those around them. If they learned something about their birth parents, could they earn entrance to the mysterious city behind the wall?

A terrifying discovery leads to Wynter and her brothers fleeing their lifelong home in the orchards for the web of lies in Dyvercity… where Program MIRA is waiting for them.

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