Joshua and I sell out of the hardback copies of A Queen is Knighted faster than Amazon can get them to us; we never expected you all to want the hardback so much! However, due to so many shipping delays, there are still a lot of you waiting for each time we open sales backContinue reading “LAST CALL FOR AUTOGRAPHED HARDBACKS!”

We’re Pushing the Release Date + Autographed Preorders Ending Soon!

Hello all, Josh and I have been blown away by the amount of support from you all and the preorders that have been placed in anticipation! Y’all are truly the best! We do need to announce that due to some military interference, our first baby’s coming arrival, and a hiccup in editing, we will haveContinue reading “We’re Pushing the Release Date + Autographed Preorders Ending Soon!”

Autographed Preorders Now Available!

Due to extremely popular request, we have opened up preorders for A Queen is Knighted earlier than planned! A Queen is Knighted will be available for preorder through Amazon closer to April, but you can preorder an autographed paperback copy from us directly NOW! Ordering through our website, will also put you on our listContinue reading “Autographed Preorders Now Available!”