Program MIRA…Coming 2022!

Surprise! Program MIRA is a novel that I (Rayleigh) wrote in between A Queen is Knighted drafts. Young Adult Dystopian is a genre that is near and dear to my heart. I re-read it a few months ago and fell in love with the story all over again. After spending some time with Joshua polishing it up, we decided to release it while you are waiting for the next book in The Tunockian Chronicles!

This book is very different from A Queen is Knighted and our short story in Where Giants Fall. But we hope that you will love it regardless!

The cover reveal is happening May 18th! Newsletter Subscribers get to see it early so make sure that you’re on our list!

About Program MIRA:

Snow White collides with Divergent in this dystopian fairytale.

The Coterie was once a godsend; a group of high-esteemed intellectuals who looked out for the people of Dyvercity. Until Estrella. Aided by a government-banned AI, Estrella’s power is unchecked and the divisions of Dyvercity suffer in the grasp of her power-hungry hands.

Wynter is an orphan destined to live the rest of her life with her fellow orphaned “brothers” in Division 1812: The Apple Pickers. She and her band of brothers are different from the common folk, though. They all failed the Prosperity Test, which stamped their fate in the poor divisions, but Wynter and the boys feel like their intelligence is above those around them. If they learned something about their birth parents, could they earn entrance to the mysterious city behind the wall?

A terrifying discovery leads to Wynter and her brothers fleeing their lifelong home in the orchards for the web of lies in Dyvercity… where Program MIRA is waiting for them.


Joshua and I sell out of the hardback copies of A Queen is Knighted faster than Amazon can get them to us; we never expected you all to want the hardback so much!

However, due to so many shipping delays, there are still a lot of you waiting for each time we open sales back up. So, we’re going to try a new tactic to get as many of you a copy as possible!

We’re going to treat this the same way as we did our pre-order sale back when A Queen is Knighted was first released.

Until May 6th, hardbacks will NOT sell out! But after May 6th, THEY WILL BE GONE!

Order your hardback copy through our website before May 6th to be guaranteed an autographed hardback from our next shipment! We cannot promise that there won’t be shipping delays, but at least we’ll be able to sign them and ship them right to you as soon as we get our copies! Orders will be honored in the order that they are received, so the sooner you get your order placed, the higher on our list you’ll be!

Had we anticipated the shipping delays to be this atrocious, we would have opened hardback sales up like this to begin with. But, we’ve learned now, so hopefully we’ll get you all a hardback soon!

Again, thank you so much for all of your support <3

With love from Rayleigh.

Hardcovers are delayed, paperbacks are limited stock!

Happy December!

Joshua and I hope that your holiday season has been off to a great start! Ours is going great so far, however, we do have some updates that we want to notify you about that are less than desirable:


We know that a lot of you have reached out to us about ordering hardbacks of A Queen is Knighted for Christmas presents, and we tried to make this a reality for you. However, Amazon threw a monkey wrench in our plans and informed us that we can’t even get author copies until after December 31st. There’s no explanation provided, though I’m sure it has to do with the cross-country delays that are happening everywhere.

We apologize for the inconvenience. You are still able to purchase autographed copies through our website, just please know that we will be unable to ship them until OUR shipment comes in, which will likely be mid-January, 2022.

Thank you for understanding! We will be monitoring the situation and let you know if anything changes!


We currently have a limited stock of paperbacks that are available to autograph and mail. If you would like an autographed paperback in time for Christmas, please place your order soon! Though we will drop your book by the post office as soon as we get your order, shipping times are completely out of our hands. So we cannot guarantee that it will arrive by Christmas depending on your location. The sooner you place your order, the higher the possibility that it will get to you by December 25th!

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The Silver Dragon, a Nilvanrian Short-Story, releasing 3-1-2022!

Joshua and I have exciting news to share regarding a short-story that was written in a blur over this summer. Without getting too personal, Joshua and I began a journey this summer that no one should ever have to walk, the loss of our firstborn daughter. Our summer was spent asking questions that couldn’t be answered, grieving, and trying to learn how to continue living. During that time, this story, The Silver Dragon, was born from the ashes of our lives in that moment.

It took hardly a month to write and edit The Silver Dragon, and we queried it to an anthology edited by authors Angela Watts and Michaela Bush in September; a fantasy collection with an emphases on “light in the darkness”. In October, we received the acceptance email and are now beginning the process of preparing it for publication in March of 2022!

This story carries a lot of heart. A lot of pain. A lot of darkness. But through it all, we saw the light in our black world and were able to write that same light into the story. This anthology, Where Giants Fall, is going to be an incredible collection of short-stories that carry meaning and encourage its readers that light is more powerful than the dark.

Man-eating monsters. Devils in the dark. Darkness lingering in the shadows.

Can the light overcome it? Can the weak and fearful stand strong?

This anthology will keep you reading past your bedtime with heartfelt stories of light illuminating the darkness.

Featuring the works from:

Michaela Bush | Angela Watts | S.D. Howard | Sara Francis | Nathaniel Luscombe | M.H Elrich | RJ Setser | AJ Skelly | Kara Linaburg | Jonathon Mast | Matt Starr | Abby Smith | Michael P. LaVoice | Sarah Ryder

About The Silver Dragon by R.J. Setser:

Why look for a silver lining along the clouds when you could call on a Silver Dragon to ignite your pain away? Athias only wants revenge on the village that burned his daughter at the stake for harboring magic in her blood. But when Athias finds the Silver Dragon meant to destroy the village, he is challenged to put his revenge behind him and learn how to live in honor of his daughter.

The Silver Dragon is a sneak-peek into the world of Nilvanria that will be revealed in book 2 of The Tunockian Chronicles, and is being called “The Tunockian Chronicles #1.5”, however, no prior knowledge of A Queen is Knighted is required to enjoy The Silver Dragon.

We will share more information about Where Giants Fall as it becomes available, but until then, thank you for reading and we are so excited for March 1st, 2022!

A Queen is Knighted is OUT NOW! {Plus a Giveaway!}

Tuesday was June 8th, which means…A Queen is Knighted is available for the world to read!

Author Angela Watts organized a really fun blog tour for us that will be going on until June 12th. We would love it if you visited the stops of guest articles, interviews, and reviews AND make sure that you enter the giveaway for the autographed copy! The giveaway closes on June 15th!

Preorder Service Announcement:

Due to shipping delays that are still affected by COVID-19, we are still waiting on the order (placed in May) of physical copies to arrive in order to be signed. We apologize for the delay, but please be assured that AS SOON as the books come in, we will have them signed and sent your way! Local pickup will also be available for local orders! Thank you for your patience!

Ebook Preorders Open!

There’s 15 days until A Queen is Knighted goes LIVE!! Preorders for eBooks are OPEN, so if you want the book to magically appear on your phone or reading device on June 8th, preorder your copy today!

Physical Copy preorders will open again on Amazon as soon as Amazon approves our file and of course, you’ll be the first to know! We’re so close!

We’re Pushing the Release Date + Autographed Preorders Ending Soon!

Hello all,

Josh and I have been blown away by the amount of support from you all and the preorders that have been placed in anticipation! Y’all are truly the best!

We do need to announce that due to some military interference, our first baby’s coming arrival, and a hiccup in editing, we will have to postpone the release a few weeks. We are both still working vigorously on the release, but with May 8th a little over 2 weeks away, there’s just no way everything can get done in time. Our new projected release is June 8th, 2021. We are definitely racing our daughter’s arrival with this release, so as long as our little bundle of joy doesn’t make an early appearance, you will have A Queen is Knighted in your hands in a little over a month! We can hardly wait!

Autographed Preorders Closing: May 15th, 2021

There are only a few weeks left to preorder an autographed copy of A Queen is Knighted for $12! After May 15th, you will have to wait until preorders are available on Amazon and THE PRICE WILL GO UP FOR PRINT COPIES. Autographed copies won’t be available again until later this year, and they will also go up in price on our website. So make sure you’ve preordered yours if you want one!

Again, we truly don’t know how to thank you all for your support, both in our new season of life as parents-to-be and in this book release. We are so blessed by y’all!

-Rayleigh and Joshua Setser

Autographed Preorders Now Available!

Due to extremely popular request, we have opened up preorders for A Queen is Knighted earlier than planned! A Queen is Knighted will be available for preorder through Amazon closer to April, but you can preorder an autographed paperback copy from us directly NOW!

Ordering through our website, will also put you on our list for receiving the Preorder Goodies that we will mail and automatically enter you in our Preorder Giveaway (more details to come)! We have character art cards planned, bookmarks, and more!

We do want to mention that because these books will have to make a stop by our house to get signed and stuffed with goodies (!!), you may receive your copy sometime after the initial release date (May 8, 2021) depending on the number of orders that come in.

If you simply MUST receive your copy ON OR CLOSE TO May 8, 2021, we recommend that you wait and preorder your copy through Amazon (will not be autographed) rather than our website!

*IS open to International Shipping. Please be aware that Covid-19 has impacted the ability to mail to certain countries. If we encounter any problems before shipping that cannot be resolved, we will issue you a full refund. Any problems after the book has been shipped and we will refund you the price of your order minus shipping.

Thank you so much for your OVERWHELMING support! We can hardly wait for May!

~Rayleigh & Joshua Setser

Cover Reveal for A Queen is Knighted

We can’t believe this day is actually here! Joshua and I (Rayleigh) have been waiting to share the cover with you for months and now that we can, it almost seems unreal. This book is so very special to us. It’s difficult to put into words.

For 9 years this book has undergone rewrite, after rewrite, after rewrite. So, when this version was completed and we both looked at each other and said “it’s actually finished”, and there was no urge to crumple it up and toss it in the fire, the cover was our first step in the publication process.

The moment we saw it, I cried. It’s everything we ever wanted it to be and SO much more.

We owe everything to our amazing cover designer, Hampton at TS95Studios, for giving our debut book, A Queen is Knighted, a cover even better than it deserves. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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