Paperbacks are Here!

Huge shoutout to our author friend, Nathaniel Luscombe, for helping us get this paperback done! We had a lot of problems trying to bring this paperback to you, but the good news is that it’s finally here! We just placed an order today for all of the preorder copies so we can sign them andContinue reading “Paperbacks are Here!”

Program MIRA Kindle Release!

November came up SO FAST! We are ecstatic to announce that our newest book, Program MIRA, released today on Kindle! Thank you to everyone that preordered, shared, and sent us messages to celebrate the release! Paperbacks are held up due to some things out of our control, but they are still in production! We areContinue reading “Program MIRA Kindle Release!”

Program MIRA…Coming 2022!

Surprise! Program MIRA is a novel that I (Rayleigh) wrote in between A Queen is Knighted drafts. Young Adult Dystopian is a genre that is near and dear to my heart. I re-read it a few months ago and fell in love with the story all over again. After spending some time with Joshua polishingContinue reading “Program MIRA…Coming 2022!”