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The second book of The Tunockian Chronicles.

Releasing October 25, 2023


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The Beyond was his dream; until he woke up.

Prince Zack of Tunock has spent his whole life suppressing what his kingdom calls “The Curse of The Beyond”; the desire to explore the mythical world rumored to lie outside the borders of The Three Kingdoms. But after war breaks out and he’s taken prisoner, The Curse of The Beyond grows ever stronger in his mind until he can think of nothing else, driving himself mad as he slowly starves inside his cell. That’s when he wakes up; in the care of his rescuers on the border of the very mountains that hold the mythical passage to The Beyond.

The line between right and wrong is blurred as Tunockian siblings Lauraine and Zack make choices with the “greater good” in mind. But trust is broken and disagreements abound. Are the Three Kingdoms even worth saving when a world like Nilvanria exists?

In book two of The Tunockian Chronicles, continue the story of Queen Lauraine, Prince Zack, and their friends as they trod through Nilvanria to save the kingdoms of Tunock, Taus, and Wilmington while facing their own dreams—and nightmares.


PREORDER GOODIES (excludes ebook preorders):

~Character Card Prints: Queen Lauraine, Prince Zack, Princess Arielle, Sir James, Knox, and the First Knight of Wilmington (art by voliete_21)

~Map of Nilvanria Print (art by mapsforauthors)

~Map of The Three Kingdoms (art by mapsforauthors)

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