The Silver Dragon, a Nilvanrian Short-Story, releasing 3-1-2022!

Joshua and I have exciting news to share regarding a short-story that was written in a blur over this summer. Without getting too personal, Joshua and I began a journey this summer that no one should ever have to walk, the loss of our firstborn daughter. Our summer was spent asking questions that couldn’t be answered, grieving, and trying to learn how to continue living. During that time, this story, The Silver Dragon, was born from the ashes of our lives in that moment.

It took hardly a month to write and edit The Silver Dragon, and we queried it to an anthology edited by authors Angela Watts and Michaela Bush in September; a fantasy collection with an emphases on “light in the darkness”. In October, we received the acceptance email and are now beginning the process of preparing it for publication in March of 2022!

This story carries a lot of heart. A lot of pain. A lot of darkness. But through it all, we saw the light in our black world and were able to write that same light into the story. This anthology, Where Giants Fall, is going to be an incredible collection of short-stories that carry meaning and encourage its readers that light is more powerful than the dark.

Man-eating monsters. Devils in the dark. Darkness lingering in the shadows.

Can the light overcome it? Can the weak and fearful stand strong?

This anthology will keep you reading past your bedtime with heartfelt stories of light illuminating the darkness.

Featuring the works from:

Michaela Bush | Angela Watts | S.D. Howard | Sara Francis | Nathaniel Luscombe | M.H Elrich | RJ Setser | AJ Skelly | Kara Linaburg | Jonathon Mast | Matt Starr | Abby Smith | Michael P. LaVoice | Sarah Ryder

About The Silver Dragon by R.J. Setser:

Why look for a silver lining along the clouds when you could call on a Silver Dragon to ignite your pain away? Athias only wants revenge on the village that burned his daughter at the stake for harboring magic in her blood. But when Athias finds the Silver Dragon meant to destroy the village, he is challenged to put his revenge behind him and learn how to live in honor of his daughter.

The Silver Dragon is a sneak-peek into the world of Nilvanria that will be revealed in book 2 of The Tunockian Chronicles, and is being called “The Tunockian Chronicles #1.5”, however, no prior knowledge of A Queen is Knighted is required to enjoy The Silver Dragon.

We will share more information about Where Giants Fall as it becomes available, but until then, thank you for reading and we are so excited for March 1st, 2022!

Published by Rayleigh Gray Setser

Rayleigh is a small town, Texas girl who has only a slight addiction to books *wink*. She has spent the last 8 years reviewing books of all genres and 2 years ago was awarded the Vine Voice badge on Amazon, which verifies her as a Top Amazon Reviewer–her goal is to rank in the Top 1000 Reviewers on Amazon within the next 2 years! Inside the world of literature, Rayleigh is the Associate Editor for PURSUE Magazine. She has judged writing contests for publishers, interned for Hartline Literary Agency, and has given social media marketing classes for authors. She has written 3 books over the course of her teens, and is in the process of polishing them and deciding which will be her debut release. Outside of her writing career, Rayleigh married her high school sweetheart –a U.S. Marine–in 2019. She’s a Junior in college with a major in Accounting and works as an accountant for 2 commercial construction companies in Texas.

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